"Land use" is the local regulation of planning, zoning, development and property use.  Local governments control both the public and private use of property through an administrative permit process.  Many permit applicants and other affected parties realize too late the value of having land use legal counsel when navigating a local government's administrative procedure.  Through the public hearing process, any permit decision must comply with local, state, and constitutional law.  A skilled land use attorney can provide effective advocacy to ensure an client's property interests are protected throughout that process.

Andrea Carroll’s experience in local government provides a unique perspective in land use.  She spent years guiding local government staff and officials engaged in administrative decisions for all types of land use permits.  Andrea understands this process and can provide valuable counsel and advocacy.  Her approach for private practice is flexible and individualized to each project.  Andrea will work with any client to find the level of consultation or advocacy that fits their needs.  For small projects, a few hours of consultation will assist a client in effective self-advocacy for a hearing.  For other projects, Andrea's representation throughout a public hearing process will protect her client's valued property interests and due process rights.  Most zoning and permit decisions may be appealed in district court, a process Andrea is both experienced and skilled at achieving favorable results.